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Table Size Calculator (and Column Mover) for SQLServer (ASP Based) - BYZ120

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See your table sizes all in one simple screen, with tables over 8k highlighted at the top, also allows you to move text/ntext columns (or any other datatype columns) to be last in the column list.

Table Size Calculator (and Column Mover) for SQLServer (ASP Based) - BYZ120
Latest version:03/22-JUL-2011
From vendor:Big Yellow Zone
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Compatibility, Bundling, and Status Notes:
ASP Based software - you must have a site/server which is capable of running ASP files and that site/server must also have access to your SQLServer database. Written in classic ASP. If you use the vpasp shopping cart then this will work on any version of your cart. It is completely generic asp and will work on any site that can run asp files.

(click on a link below to see the corresponding demo/sample)
Login Screen
Enter/Confirm Database Info Screen You can hide this info if you want via the config options.
Results Screen
Move Columns Screen

SQLServer (and ADO generally) runs into problems if the definition of your tables (excluding "long" columns like text/ntext fields etc) is above 8k. This handy generic ASP software will allow you to see the size of all your tables in one go, and it'll highlight any tables which are above 8k in bold/red at the top of the list.
For more information about the 8k bug and other related SQLServer issues, see:
8k Limit Bug
Text/Ntext Cursor Processing Bug

The calculator screen is password protected, so only you can run it.

Configurable options are:
  • Enable/Disable Password Protection for screen
  • Password value
  • Allow/Disallow Parameter (sqlserver login info) Field Entry
  • Show/Hide sqlserver login info
  • Your Default sqlserver login values to use (ip/userid/pwd/dbname)

Very quick and easy to install - just edit the configuration file in notepad to set your options, upload the files to your site/server, open the url on your browser, enter the pwd you configured, and press the go button to calculate/display all your table sizes.

Technical/Developer Information:
Size calculation relates to the size that your table's definition takes up, this software does not show you the actual space that all your data is using. It's to be used purely to check to see how close your tables are to the 8k definition limit. ie This is to show you the record/row size that your table takes up.

Moving text/ntext Columns to be Last in the Column List
Another problem that often causes cursors to "blank out" (in a similar way to the 8k problem) is when your text/ntext columns are not last in the column-list on a given table. This module has a built-in "Move Columns" function/screen which allows you to specify columns that you want to move to the end of the column-list in a given table (which is not usually possible to do via sqlserver management studio or sqlserver enterprise manager due to permissions etc), and you can then press a button to move all those text/ntext columns to be last in the list automatically. This function is very useful, because if you've created a varchar column and your text/ntext columns are no longer last in the list, then all you need to do is run this screen, enter the table owner, table name, column name, column definitions of the columns you want to move back to the end of the table again and then press a button; it'll keep all your existing data and doesn't involve dropping/recreating the table. (The installation instructions for this module explain this in more detail).

Terms and Conditions:
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Please do not purchase any BigYellowZone products/services or request technical support until you have read and agree with the terms and conditions.

Full Version History:
VerNo Version Date Release Notes
01 04-MAR-2010 Initial version - Big Yellow Zone Table Size Calculator for SQLServer
02 04-MAY-2011 Added extra functionality to allow you to move columns to the end of table column lists (usually relevant only to text/ntext columns).
Effected files:
byz$120_version.asp (changed file)
byz_sch_check.asp (changed file)
byz_sch_columnmove.asp (new file)
03 22-JUL-2011 Changed the move-columns logic so that it uses the DBCC CLEANTABLE command after moving columns so that the space used via the creation/dropping of the columns is freed up after the column move process.
Effected files:
byz$120_version.asp (changed file)
byz_sch_columnmove.asp (changed file)