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Session Tester for ASP/VPASP - BYZ136
Product Code: BYZ136 (version: 01/10-OCT-2007)
From vendor: Big Yellow Zone
If your sessions keep dropping, but you are unsure if it is a host or a program problem, try this tool out to see if your sessions are disappearing.
Compatible with any asp system. No licensing submodule is included within this software as this software by its nature needs to be kept as simple as possible so that you can pass it to your host for proof of session dropping.
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Site Suspender for ASP - BYZ124Site Suspender for ASP - BYZ124
Product Code: BYZ124 (version: 04/14-OCT-2012)
From vendor: Big Yellow Zone
This tool will allow you to temporarily take your site down for visitors/hackers, while you can still access all areas through a password protected override. Perfect for situations like performing upgrades, or if you have been hacked/injected.
Compatible with any asp system This module is also included within: SQI145 (Injection Scanner and Cleaner) SQI141 (Injection Permanent Data Check/Fix Cover) SQI144 (Injection Data Check/Fix Service (one-off data check/fix))
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SQL Injection Cleaner (cleaning module only) - SQI145CSQL Injection Cleaner (cleaning module only) - SQI145C
Product Code: SQI145C (version: 07/02-AUG-2011)
From vendor: Big Yellow Zone
This module allows you to clean your data of injections. NOTE: This does not include a scanner; for a sql injection scanner please purchase SQI127 separately.
This module includes: SQI145C (Injection Cleaner)
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SQL Injection Scanner (scanning only module) - SQI127SQL Injection Scanner (scanning only module) - SQI127
Product Code: SQI127 (version: 15/30-JUL-2011)
From vendor: Big Yellow Zone
Has your data been injected-into by a hacker? Download and run this nominally priced tool to find out safely and reliably. Works for SQLServer, MySQL, and Access databases. NOTE: This does not include a cleaner; for a sql injection data cleaner please purchase SQI145C separately.
This software includes: SQI127 (Injection Scanner)
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Table Size Calculator (and Column Mover) for SQLServer (ASP Based) - BYZ120Table Size Calculator (and Column Mover) for SQLServer (ASP Based) - BYZ120
Product Code: BYZ120 (version: 03/22-JUL-2011)
From vendor: Big Yellow Zone
See your table sizes all in one simple screen, with tables over 8k highlighted at the top, also allows you to move text/ntext columns (or any other datatype columns) to be last in the column list.
ASP Based software - you must have a site/server which is capable of running ASP files and that site/server must also have access to your SQLServer database. Written in classic ASP. If you use the vpasp shopping cart then this will work on any version of your cart. It is completely generic asp and will work on any site that can run asp files.
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