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Link and Source Corrector for VP-ASP - BYZ165

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This time saving utility allows you to perform bulk/automated corrections on embedded image/link sources within your html (memo) fields.

Link and Source Corrector for VP-ASP - BYZ165
Latest version:01/19-JUL-2010
From vendor:Big Yellow Zone
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Compatibility, Bundling, and Status Notes:
Compatible with VPASP V4.5 to V7
Before installing, you must have installed:

This product includes:

(click on a link below to see the corresponding demo/sample)
Set your Criteria (ie tell it which table/column to update)
Do a Test run to see which records are effected and how they're effected
Do a live run to update/correct your data
All clear - you can run/rerun anytime you like to check your data's still correct

This will turn relative links/sources in your html data into virtual sources for you so they'll work from any folder.

Why you might need to do this:
  • Your HTML-Editor in Admin is impossible to use - In vpasp v7, admin is in a different folder to the customer side of vpasp. This means that if you've upgraded from an older version of vpasp then your html-editor in the edit-product/edit-content pages won't be displaying your images/links which makes it virtually impossible to edit your html info because your images/links are relative to the CUSTOMER side of vpasp, not the ADMIN side (this is only relevant if you've used relative paths for your sources/links instead of virtual or full browsing paths).
  • Your static pages show broken html - In all versions of vpasp, if you're trying to display vpasp data in folders outside the main vpasp folder (eg for our static generated pages) then the links/images within your html data won't be showing-up or will link to the wrong place (this is only relevant if you've used relative paths for your sources/links instead of virtual or full browsing paths).

For example, you have some image sources (or links) inside your products.extendeddesc field which point to a path which is relative to your vpasp folder, so it won't load the link/image correctly if you output that extendeddesc value on a page which is outside your main vpasp folder.

So, you want to change all those to point to a virtual path so that you can show the extendeddesc in any folder.

This will deconstruct your html data, work out where all the embedded links/sources are within it, work out whether it's valid for multiple-folders, and if it's not valid then it'll make it valid.

On the parameter screen you enter the name of the table and column which holds your html data that you want to correct (eg products and extendeddesc).

Then you check your "virtual path of vpasp" value in the parameter screen is correct (eg "/shop/").

Then you execute a test run to see the old/proposed-new values.

Then you execute a live run to update the data.

It allows you to do a test run so that you can see your potential changes before they get applied so that you can double-check your settings before you apply the change.

Customer Quote:
The link/source correction module saved us many hours of tedious work.
We had inserted a lot of "relative links" in our product descriptions and extended descriptions.
As we wanted to move our product pages to a different level in our site we feared it would take many hours for us to manually make these changes.
We figured the chances of us finding and fixing all the links correctly the first time around were slim to none.
It turns out we discovered we had about 420 "invalid" links/sources in our cdescriptions, and about 3,500 in our extendeddescs.
The BYZ link/source correction module fixed them in a matter of moments.
Not an error to be found.
This was a true time saver.
Thanks BYZ.
Now I have time to "work" on my golf game.
Mark Holdredge
Owner QualityCoach.Net

Technical/Developer Information:
  • Color-Coded/Highlighted URLs - The old/new "url" values in the results section are color-coded so that you can easily pick them out from the rest of the html and easily see which ones will be changed (green means it's already valid and won't be changed, red means it's invalid and would get corrected, black/gray means it's not a link and is part of the rest of the html; see the sample snapshots for an example).
  • Any table/column can be checked/corrected - For example you can apply corrections to your content html data too; all you need to do is tell the parameter screen which table/column names you want to deal with.
  • Checks all types - it doesn't matter whether you've got an embedded image source, or a flash file source, or an href link, or virtually any other "source" or "link"; it'll find them all within your overall html, and it'll correct them when relevant.
  • Changeable "correction" logic - there's a central file, easily tweaked, which allows you to change the logic that works out whether a given url is valid or not, and what the corresponding "corrected" url should be. For example you might want to change urls which start with "/shop/" to start with "/newshop/" instead. You wouldn't normally change this file/function (because it already takes into account your virtual path parameter), but you've got the flexibility there if you need it.
  • It leaves "valid" urls/links alone - if you've got links to mailto, javascript, #'s, virtual paths, or full browsing urls, then it won't try to change the url/link - it'll only alter what it sees as a relative url/link (although you can alter this logic as per the point above if you want/need to).
  • Easy to Install - one of the easiest addons we've got as far as installation goes; once you've got byz038/036 in place, you just check the config file, upload the files, add it to the menu, grant-out access-rights, and then run it (detailed installation notes for all vpasp versions are provided with the addon).

Terms and Conditions:
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Please do not purchase any BigYellowZone products/services or request technical support until you have read and agree with the terms and conditions.

Full Version History:
VerNo Version Date Release Notes
01 19-JUL-2010 Initial version - Big Yellow Zone Link and Source Corrector for VP-ASP.