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Dynamic Image Sizing for VPASP - BYZ070

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This allows you to specify various config options for your thumbnails and/or enlarged product images, and/or for your category images, so that they can be sized dynamically.

Compatibility, Bundling, and Status Notes:
Compatible with VPASP V4.5 to V7

Before installing, you must have installed:

This product includes:

This product is also available within the bundles:
Latest version:05/01-NOV-2011
From vendor:Big Yellow Zone
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products/services or request technical
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the terms and conditions.
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Options include:
Maximum Width
Maximum Height
Minimum Width
Minimum Height
Fixed Width
Fixed Height

Each of those options are optional, and you can use any permutation/combination you like. The sizing logic will take into account the physical image size/proportions, your config options for that type of image, and it'll work out the most appropriate width/height to display it with and still keep it in the right proportions (ie so that it doesn't look stretched/skewed).

Technical/Developer Information:
The addon will check the physical size of your image file prior to loading, and then automatically adjust its display size according to your options.

You can configure:
  • Product Summary Thumbs (shopdisplayproducts.asp images)
  • Product Detail Thumbs (shopexd.asp images)
  • Category Images (shopdisplaycategories.asp subcategory images)
  • Product "tiny" Thumbs (eg on cross-selling displays)

Each of those 4 types of images have their own set of configuration options for min/max/fixed widths/heights, so for example you can use a different set of options for product thumbnails than category images.

Terms and Conditions:
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Please do not purchase any BigYellowZone products/services or request technical support until you have read and agree with the terms and conditions.

Full Version History:
VerNo Version Date Release Notes
01 30-JAN-2005 Initial version - Big Yellow Zone Image-Sizing Template Fields For VP-ASP
02 22-NOV-2005 Added new options/fields for category images.
Files effected:
03 03-SEP-2007 Upgraded BYZ038 (Licensing) module to cater for VP-ASP V6.5.
Upgraded BYZ033 (Template Fields) module.
Effected files:
byz070_install.asp (changed file)
README.htm (changed file)
04 01-MAY-2010 Made compliant with VPASP V7.
Upgraded BYZ038 (from V07 to V12).
Upgraded BYZ036 (from V02 to V07).
Upgraded BYZ033 (from V04 to V09).
Added tiny product thumbnails as an extra template field option.
Added extra logic to allow more permutations of min/max/fixed width/heights to be combined together without skewing the proportions of the images.
NOTE: This module has been completely rewritten/restructured on this version. If upgrading from a previous version please backup and then uninstall the old version completely from your site (and backup/remove all reference to the template fields used by it in your template files) and then install the new version from scratch.
Effected files:
README.htm (changed file)
byz$070_version.asp (new file for all vpasp versions)
byz070_install.asp (deleted file for all vpasp versions)
byz_dis_$config.asp (new file for all vpasp versions)
byz_dis_vars_inc.asp (new file for all vpasp versions)
byz_dis_fun_inc.asp (new file for all vpasp versions)
byz_template_codes_codes_imagesizing.asp (file changed for all vpasp versions)
byz_template_codes_functions_imagesizing.asp (file changed for all vpasp versions)
byz_template_codes_functions_imagesizing_config.asp (deleted file for all vpasp versions)
byz_template_codes_functions_imagesizing_system.asp (deleted file for all vpasp versions)
05 01-NOV-2011 Changed the does-file-exist core function to use more efficient logic.
Upgraded BYZ038 (from V12 to V15)
Upgraded BYZ036 (from V07 to V10)
Upgraded BYZ033 (from V09 to V13)
Please note: If upgrading from a previous version of BYZ070, then you must first ensure that you are using BYZ038 V15 or above before using BYZ070 V05 or above.
V05 or above of BYZ070 will not work with versions of BYZ038 older than V15.
Effected Files:
README*.htm (changed files)
byz$070_version.asp (changed file)
byz_dis_fun_inc.asp (changed file)