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Got questions/problems? Take a look through our FAQs (frequently asked questions), or email us at: We shall do our best to get back to you promptly.

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Are your prices for multiple domains too large? Are you trying to get licences for test domains but being asked to pay full cost? Don't worry; we can add test domains to your licences manually. Just purchase a single domain addon/upgrade for what it is that you need, and then email us about your situation regarding the remaining domains and we'll liaise with you over the options. email us at: We shall do our best to get back to you promptly. click here for more information regarding multiple domains, upgrades, and discount policies.

BigYellowKey News
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Imminent: 4/1/2016 4:05:00 PM
BYZ Development Points have been changed
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The new BYZ Development Points (BYZ192) replace all previous BYZ Points which are now no longer available.

Released: 4/1/2016 3:05:00 PM
BYZ Annual Pass Now Available!
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The BYZ Annual Pass replaces the BYZ addon subscription service.

Released: 4/1/2016 2:05:00 PM
The BYZ Terms and Conditions have been changed.
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Apologies, but online Payments are temporary unavailable as we are in the process of changing our payment gateway.
Please contact us if you wish to place an order and we will organize a manual payment process for you.
We hope/expect online payments to be available again soon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions, if you have a question/problem please look at the questions/answers below, and if you can't find an answer to your question/problem then send your question/problem to us at: and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Click on a question below to view the answer, or browse through the questions/answers below the question summary list.

Q: Do your displayed prices include tax?
A: No. BigYellowZone are currently under the VAT Threshold, and have therefore de-registered for VAT. So, no matter where you're from, you don't need to pay any VAT/tax on our products/services.

Q: Do you have mail-list options, and will I get spam?
A: From 25-May-2018, we no longer have any mail-list options/data, and anyone who was on one of our mail-lists before we stopped using them has been deleted from whatever mail-lists they were previously on.
You will never get spam from us, or even specific marketing emails targeted at upgrades of products that you've bought.
We never give away or sell your details.

Q: What is your privacy/data policy?
A: Please view our Privacy/Data Policy for detailed information about our policies and how you can view/delete/anonymise your data.

Q: If I want more than 3 or 4 modules, what's the cheapest/best way to get them?
A: Usually an annual pass is cheaper than buying individual modules when you want more than about 4 modules. With an annual pass you pay a one-off fee, with no automatic renewal. While your pass is active you can download any module/upgrade you want for free. Click here for more details about the annual pass

Q: I need a development/test domain, but it's asking me to pay for it, shouldn't it be free?
A: You can add localhost for free during the ordering process, but if you have a different kind of development/test domain then let us know and we'll add it to your key for free after you've made the purchase for the real/main domain.

Q: How about mirrors/aliases and shared ssl areas? I need these licensed too.
A: We treat these the same as test domains/subdomains; if you need additional subdomains/domains licensed which are essentially for the same business then let us know and we'll add them to your key for free after you've made the purchase for the real/main domain.

Q: Should I make my purchase for my test domain or for the final live domain?
A: You should always purchase using your final/live domain (even if that domain isn't active/transferred yet on dns), and ask us to add test ones after you've made the purchase if needed.

Q: I own different websites but want to use software across more than one site, do I get a free license for additional domains even if they're different systems?
A: We take each situation on a case by case basis. Generally if the systems are owned by the same business/person then we will usually treat each site as per mirrors/test-domains and give the additional licenses for free, but it depends on the nature of the sites and the structure of the company etc.

Q: I'm a developer and I want to use software across multiple client sites, what should I do?
A: For each client that you have for which you want to buy software, you should use a separate account/profile. Each client must have their own account, and you should check first with your client whether or not they already have a account. If you want to buy software and register as them on their behalf then remember that each account must have a unique email address and userid.

Q: The ordering process is too complex given my domain/bundling/upgrade situation, can you help?
A: Yes; if you need help then just contact us letting us know what you're after, and we'll work out the best deal for bundling/upgrades/domains and we'll add the relevant items to your mini-cart for you so that all you then need to do is step through a simplified ordering process.

Q: Do you have any software that does this....?
A: If you know what you're trying to achieve, but can't work out whether or not any software will achieve it, or you just need general advice on what might be useful/relevant to you, then just contact us with your requests and we'll do what we can to help.

Q: The upgrade links on the "My Software" page are showing prices which look too high for my situation, what do I do?
A: If you have multiple domains then you'll see 2 sets of upgrade links; one on the left which is the "all domains" option and one on the right which is a per-domain option. If you have multiple domains then the price on the left will be higher than the one on the right as it's a total to upgrade for the module across all your licensed domains. But if your additional domains were counted as free/test domains by us when they were originally added then just upgrade the paid domain on the right-side and then contact us to get us to add the upgrades for the other domains for free. If you're being charged an upgrade fee when you don't think you should (eg if you're still within a free upgrade period), then let us know.

Q: How does bundling work? Do I need to upgrade each module, or the bundle, or both?
A: If you buy a bundle then you will be given the parent (ie bundle) module, and the corresponding sub-modules will automatically be given to you too, so you don't need to buy the sub-modules if you buy a parent module. Also, if you buy/upgrade modules one by one over time, and those modules end up "adding-up" to the same list of sub-modules which are part of a bundle, then the corresponding parent bundle will be given to you automatically. If you have a bundle, then you have a choice when it comes to upgrades; You can either upgrade the bundle (which will automatically upgrade the corresponding sub-modules too) or you can upgrade an individual sub-module. Click on the moduleid of a given module on your "My Software" screen to see the full version history of that module, then you can decide if you want/need to upgrade at bundle level or submodule level.

Q: I've read the FAQs but still don't quite understand how it'll work for me, can you help?
A: Yes; just contact us explaining your situation and the kind of thing that you're after and we'll do our best to help.
General advice is: if in doubt, just ask us .