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Also-Bought Template Fields for VP-ASP - BYZ080

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Shows also-bought products for a given product in a more flexible way

Also-Bought Template Fields for VP-ASP - BYZ080
Latest version:05/13-AUG-2007
From vendor:Big Yellow Zone
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products/services or request technical
support until you have read and agree with
the terms and conditions.
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Compatibility, Bundling, and Status Notes:
Compatible with VPASP V4.5 to V6.5
Before installing, you must have installed:

This product includes:

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Standard Listing
Side-by-side with cross-selling (BYZ086)

This powerful add on will work straight out of the box but we've also made it easy to customise so that you can use your own html tags.

1) Headers
You can change the heading to read what you like (e.g. "Customers also bought...." or "People who bought this product also bought ...." etc.

2) Trailers
As per the headers, you can add a customisable trailer.

3) Body
You can format the way the list of products is presented. You can change where it links to (product pages, category pages, templated pages etc.), the format of the text, etc.

4) Max Records to show
By default it'll only show the top-5 matching records in the list, but you can change this to any value you want (including blank to not use max-records and to display everything).

5) SQL Logic/Query
This feature controls how your products are extracted from your database. Any values that you select in this statement will automatically be available from within the body (point 3). You can add extra columns (e.g. product images etc), or you can change the ordering, or you can even change the matching-logic.

Technical/Developer Information:
You can set your own values in the the header, trailer, and body files, we've made available some extra values that you can use if you want to, such as:

1) Current Display Record Number (relevant to body only)
2) Total Number of Records Shown (available to header, body, and trailer) - Yes, that's right, the total number of records that will be displayed is even available on the header, before they've been shown, (and the body, before they've all been shown) so that you can use that value in the header/body if you want, and not just in the trailer.

Terms and Conditions:
For terms, conditions, and licensing information for all BigYellowZone products/services, please click here.
Please do not purchase any BigYellowZone products/services or request technical support until you have read and agree with the terms and conditions.

Full Version History:
VerNo Version Date Release Notes
01 16-APR-2005 Initial version - Big Yellow Zone Also-Bought Template Fields For VP-ASP
02 16-JUN-2005 Added cimageurl to sql and sample body content for thumbnails.
03 03-OCT-2006 Changed SQL Queries for MySQL Database types to cater for older versions which dont support order-by column names for grouped functions.
Files changed:
04 30-OCT-2006 Changed initial SQL Queries to not use cdescriptions as that is defined as a text field in SQLServer and so can not be sorted.
Changed product loop to use a new/separate cursor for the body so that any product columns can be referenced without having to change the initial sql text.
Took out cimageurl from the initial queries as its no longer need in initial queries.
Files changed:
05 13-AUG-2007 Upgraded BYZ038 (Licensing) module to cater for VP-ASP V6.5.
Upgraded BYZ033 (Template Fields) module for additional argument types.
Enhanced to cater for split databases.
Enhanced to cater for stock levels, product match, customer match, and sub-products.
Changed body to default to showing thumbnails and descriptions and prices.
Enhanced to cater for sqlserver text (memo) bugs.
Files effected:
README.htm (changed file)
byz080_install.asp (changed file)
byz_template_codes_functions_also_bought.asp (changed file)
byz_template_codes_functions_also_bought_config.asp (changed file)
byz_template_codes_functions_also_bought_config_generatesql.asp (changed file)
byz_template_codes_functions_also_bought_config_html_body.asp (changed file)
byz_template_codes_functions_also_bought_config_html_header.asp (changed file)