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MultiBuy Discounts for VPCart - BYZ168

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MultiBuy Discounts for VPCart, buy-1-get-1-free, 3-for-2 etc - create discount shelves with different options and put whatever products you want on them.

MultiBuy Discounts for VPCart - BYZ168
Latest version:02/16-SEP-2015
From vendor:Big Yellow Zone
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Compatibility, Bundling, and Status Notes:
Compatible with VPCart V4.5 to V8.
Before installing, you must have installed:

This product includes:

(click on a link below to see the corresponding demo/sample)
buy-1-get-1-free This sample site has all products flagged as being on the "discount shelf", so play around with adding different items to your cart and seeing the mini-cart total and the view-cart page etc.

MultiBuy discounts all relate to Quantity-Related discounts.

Example uses:
  • Buy 1, Get One Free (equates to 2-for-1)
  • 3-for-2 (equates to buy-3-get-1-free)
  • Buy 3, Get 1 half-price
  • Buy 5, get 2 free (equates to 5-for-3)
  • Buy 10, get 30% discount on 5

This is intended for special offers where you have multiple products that are part of an offer, where those products can be "counted" in any combination (ie it doesn't matter which of the products you grab off that "discount shelf", each product is counted as an item that's part of the offer).

eg for a buy-1-get-1-free, you can buy any 2 items from the discount shelf (the same item, or different items) and the cheapest one will automatically be free.

More Info on "Discount Shelves"
The easiest way to explain how these discounts work is to think of your online store as having physical shelves with products on them, where a given shelf has a given discount offer and where there's a selection of your products on each shelf.

eg you might have a "Buy-1-Get-1-Free" shelf, and a "3-for-2" shelf. You can have more than one shelf displayed/active at the same time. You can have a given product on more than one shelf at the same time (eg a product can be part of a buy-1-get-1-free offer as well as being available for a 5-for-3 offer).

The processing of the MultiBuy discounts will never apply more than one multi-buy discount to a given quantity-unit/item in the cart; it will always pick the most appropriate offer for the item (if more than one offer is relevant to it) and apply that discount.

The discount is displayed at order-level (ie at the bottom of the cart, added to the discount total), and it's also taken into account when the mini-cart total is shown in your header/trailer.

The processing/calculation will go through your mini-cart, work out which quantity-units/items are discounted, calculate what the discount is, and then will display the total discounted amount at the bottom.

ie it works in the same way as it would in a physical store, where the item-lines do NOT show the multi-buy discounted prices, but at the bottom of the receipt you see the amount that's been discounted in total due to the offers (and where you see the discounted total as the total in your minicart)

The items that get discounted will always be the cheapest ones in the cart which relate to that offer. For example, if you have a 3-for-2 offer and you have 2 items in the cart which have a normal price of $100 each, and you have 1 item in the cart which has a normal price of $150, then the logic will automatically apply the discount to one of the $100 products. ie the customer will be charged a total of $250 - the full price for the $150 item, full price for one of the $100 items, and the remaining $100 item will be set to free.

Technical/Developer Information:
To setup a "shelf" (ie to create a discount offer and define which products are on that shelf), you simply create a new record on the mbd_multibuydiscounts table (the MultiBuy Discounts admin menu item that you add during installation is how to access this table/data).

Each mbd_multibuydiscounts record relates to one "shelf" - remember that a product can be on more than one shelf, and there can be as many shelves as you want, and each shelf can have any discount rule that you want.

The mbd_multibuydiscounts record is NOT a manually-entered matrix of discounts/products data, it's much more flexible and easier to use; the discount record specifies search criteria for which products are on the shelf, and specifies optional additional exclusion criteria for what you want to take off the shelf, and holds the qty-needed and the qty-discounted and the discount-pct values for the offer/shelf.

For example, you can specify something like:
this offer relates to all products that are in categoryids 1,2,3, or 4, but it doesn't apply to products which have a code that starts with "A".

For the inclusion and exclusion criteria, you can use categoryid lists, catalogid lists, productmatch lists, group-for-discount lists, or you own where clause where you can specify anything you want.

Terms and Conditions:
For terms, conditions, and licensing information for all BigYellowZone products/services, please click here.
Please do not purchase any BigYellowZone products/services or request technical support until you have read and agree with the terms and conditions.

Full Version History:
VerNo Version Date Release Notes
01 21-DEC-2010 Initial version - Big Yellow Zone MultiBuy Discounts for VP-ASP
02 16-SEP-2015 Upgraded BYZ038 (from V12 to V34)
Upgraded BYZ036 (from V07 to V18)
Enhanced/changed to cater for VPCart V8.
Changed instances of VP-ASP/VPASP to VPCart as VPASP has now been rebranded/renamed.
Changed to use more BYZ038 library functions where appropriate/possible.
Effected Files:
README* (changed files)
vpcartv4.5to5.5/byz$168_version.asp (changed file)
vpcartv4.5to5.5/byz_mbd_$config.asp (changed file)
vpcartv4.5to5.5/byz_mbd_fun_call_inc.asp (changed file)
vpcartv4.5to5.5/byz_mbd_fun_inc.asp (changed file)
vpcartv4.5to5.5/byz168_prepare.asp (changed file - this file is used for initial installation only and should not be left on your site)
vpcartv6.0to6.5/byz$168_version.asp (changed file)
vpcartv6.0to6.5/byz_mbd_$config.asp (changed file)
vpcartv6.0to6.5/byz_mbd_fun_call_inc.asp (changed file)
vpcartv6.0to6.5/byz_mbd_fun_inc.asp (changed file)
vpcartv6.0to6.5/byz168_prepare.asp (changed file - this file is used for initial installation only and should not be left on your site)
vpcartv7/byz$168_version.asp (changed file)
vpcartv7/byz_mbd_$config.asp (changed file)
vpcartv7/byz_mbd_fun_call_inc.asp (changed file)
vpcartv7/byz_mbd_fun_inc.asp (changed file)
vpcartv7/admin/byz168_prepare.asp (changed file - this file is used for initial installation only and should not be left on your site)
vpcartv8andabove* (new files)