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Expand/Collapse (Category) Menu For VP-ASP - BYZ137

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Displays an expandable/collapsible menu for product categories. The data that drives the menu is dynamic, coming straight from your live category data. So, when you add new categories they automatically appear in the menu.

Expand/Collapse (Category) Menu For VP-ASP - BYZ137
Latest version:09/03-MAY-2012
From vendor:Big Yellow Zone
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products/services or request technical
support until you have read and agree with
the terms and conditions.
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Compatibility, Bundling, and Status Notes:
Compatible with VPASP V4.5 to V7
Before installing, you must have installed:
BYZ162 (only needed for VPASP V7 or above)

This product includes:

(click on a link below to see the corresponding demo/sample)
Sample Menu The expand/collapse category menu on the demo is shown on the bottom of the left-panel.

The menu is very quick and easy for users to navigate.

It is very easy to install and set-up.

Technical/Developer Information:
A very easy to install piece of software; the readme explains in detail, but it's basically just upload-and-go. Just a few lines to paste into a couple of byz files and the shoppage_header.htm file (explained in the readme document that comes with the software).

The out-of-the-box config options will be what most merchants want, but you also have the options of changing how the + and - icons and the text links work (ie do you want it to expand/collapse, and/or navigate as well? - you can choose what you want it to do, and you can make the icons do something different to the corresponding text links too.

Terms and Conditions:
For terms, conditions, and licensing information for all BigYellowZone products/services, please click here.
Please do not purchase any BigYellowZone products/services or request technical support until you have read and agree with the terms and conditions.

Full Version History:
VerNo Version Date Release Notes
01 06-NOV-2007 Initial version - Big Yellow Zone Expand/Collapse Menu For VP-ASP
02 16-NOV-2007 Fixed query syntax for some permutations of configuration setups that were in error.
Changed database connection logic to avoid multiple connections and to speed up the processing/loading of the menu.
Added multi-language support and various other configuration related criteria.
Files effected:
README.htm (changed file)
byz_ecm_display.asp (changed file)
byz_ecm_system.asp (changed file)
03 18-NOV-2007 Changed to cater for Internet Explorer bugs which caused some items are not secure messages when using on SSL.
Files effected:
README.htm (changed file)
byz_ecm_$config.asp (changed file)
byz_ecm_blank.gif (new file)
byz_ecm_menu_functions.js (changed file)
byz_ecm_noflicker.js (changed file)
byz_ecm_system.asp (changed file)
04 21-APR-2008 Took out some error traps that were spuriously reporting on generic vpasp sql errors when displaying categories with no products in them.
Files effected:
README.htm (changed file)
byz_ecm_display.asp (changed file)
byz_ecm_system.asp (changed file)
05 13-NOV-2009 Upgraded BYZ038 (from V08 to V10)
Upgraded BYZ036 (from V04 to V05)
Added version control file.
Rearranged files and changed to avoid warnings/errors when running through HTML validators.
Files effected:
README.htm (changed file)
byz$137_version.asp (new file)
byz_ecm_display.asp (changed file)
byz_ecm_js_inc.asp (new file)
byz_ecm_system.asp (changed file)
06 27-MAR-2011 Upgraded BYZ038 (from V10 to V13)
Upgraded BYZ036 (from V05 to V08)
Added BYZ162 (V03)
Made compatible with VPASP V7.
Restructured includes (see corresponding installation steps if upgrading)
NOTE: To upgrade to V06 or later of BYZ137, you must ensure youre using BYZ038 V13 or above first.
Files effected:
README.htm (changed file)
byz$137_version.asp (changed file)
byz_ecm_display.asp (changed file)
byz_ecm_fun_inc.asp (new file)
byz_ecm_inc.asp (deleted file)
byz_ecm_panel_inc.asp (new file for vpaspv7andabove only)
byz_ecm_system.asp (deleted file)
byz_ecm_vars_inc.asp (new file)
07 06-SEP-2011 Added configuration options so that parent categories (ie expandable ones) can optionally be linked to relevant pages so that when users click on an expandable (non-bottom level) category they can be taken to the relevant category page.
There are now various configuration options for the + and - icons and the text links which allow you to choose whether you want the branch to expand/collapse, and/or to navigate to a relevant page.
You can configure the + and - icons to use different expand/collapse/navigate options to the text links.
Added extra logic so that BYZ137 is now also compatible with BYZ164 (static category pages).
Changed cursor/query logic to use less memory and to speed up the query.
Upgraded BYZ038 (from V13 to V14)
Upgraded BYZ036 (from V08 to V09)
Upgraded BYZ162 (from V03 to V04)
NOTE: To upgrade to V07 or later of BYZ137, you must ensure youre using BYZ038 V14 or above first.
(for list of effected files, see the readme file that comes with the zip)
08 27-DEC-2011 Upgraded BYZ038 (from V14 to V15)
Upgraded BYZ036 (from V09 to V10)
Upgraded BYZ162 (from V04 to V05)
Corrected problem where the branches being expanded were not always being correctly remembered/restored via the cookie.
Added extra config option and logic to allow encoding for special characters (like ampersands) in category descriptions when displaying the text link text.
Added extra config option to allow the category query to restrict the categories that are returned (eg to exclude certain categories).
More changes to the html/javascript to help it pass html validation.
Changed to use a more efficient method to check if a static file exists for a category when using BYZ164.
Got rid of spurious styles in the stylesheet that the addon was not using.
Took out the byz_ecm_virtual_vpasp_location config option and replaced corresponding usage with the BYZ038 byz_sys_vpasp_virtual_folder config option instead.
NOTE: To upgrade to V08 or later of BYZ137, you must ensure youre using BYZ038 V15 or above first.
Files effected:
README.htm (changed file)
byz$137_version.asp (changed file)
byz_ecm_$config.asp (changed file)
byz_ecm_$config_urls.asp (changed file)
byz_ecm_display.asp (changed file)
byz_ecm_fun_inc.asp (changed file)
byz_ecm_fun_vpaspvers_inc.asp (changed file)
byz_ecm_js_inc.asp (changed file)
byz_ecm_menu_functions.js (changed file)
byz_ecm_styles.css (changed file)
byz_ecm_vars_inc.asp (changed file)
09 03-MAY-2012 Changed to use the new BYZ038 functions where appropriate.
Restructured the query/cursor logic and the javascript so that the cookies remembered the expand/collapse state more accurately and to speed up the loading process of the category menu.
Changed so that more than one menu can be displayed on the same page.
Upgraded BYZ038 (from V15 to V16)
Upgraded BYZ036 (from V10 to V11)
Upgraded BYZ162 (from V05 to V06)
Please Note: You must be using V16 or later of BYZ038 before upgrading to V09 or later of BYZ137.
BYZ137 V09 or later will not work with V15 or below of BYZ038.
Please Note: If upgrading from a previous version of BYZ137, note that the BYZ_ECM_LOADMENU function call (which may be in your header file) now has an extra (second) argument, see the installation notes for more information.
Files effected:
README.htm (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/byz$137_version.asp (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/byz_ecm_$config_urls.asp (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/byz_ecm_display.asp (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/byz_ecm_fun_inc.asp (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/byz_ecm_fun_vpaspvers_inc.asp (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/byz_ecm_js_inc.asp (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/byz_ecm_menu_functions.js (deleted file)
vpaspv7andabove/byz_ecm_menu_functions_001.js (new file)
vpaspv7andabove/byz_ecm_panel_inc.asp (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/byz_ecm_vars_inc.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to6.5/byz$137_version.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to6.5/byz_ecm_$config_urls.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to6.5/byz_ecm_display.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to6.5/byz_ecm_fun_inc.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to6.5/byz_ecm_fun_vpaspvers_inc.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to6.5/byz_ecm_js_inc.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to6.5/byz_ecm_menu_functions.js (deleted file)
vpaspv4.5to6.5/byz_ecm_menu_functions_001.js (new file)
vpaspv4.5to6.5/byz_ecm_vars_inc.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to6.5/byz_ecm_vpaspvers_vars_inc.asp (changed file)