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SlideShows For VPASP - BYZ179

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Add slideshows to your home page, or side panels, or category pages, or any other pages, and maintain the slideshows and slides in an easy-to-use dedicated vpasp admin screen.

SlideShows For VPASP - BYZ179
Latest version:04/20-DEC-2014
From vendor:Big Yellow Zone
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Compatibility, Bundling, and Status Notes:
Compatible with VPASP V4.5 to V7.
Before installing, you must have installed:
BYZ162 (only needed for VPASP V7).

This product includes:
BYZ162 (only needed for VPASP V7).

Sample Admin Screen SnapShots:
Block 1 - List of Slideshows
Block 2 - List of Slides underlying each Slideshow

Sample Display on the Customer Side:
Sample 1 - Home Page Slideshow on a real/live site (RainHarvest Systems)
Sample 2 - Home Page Slideshow With Text and Counter/Bullet Graphics
Sample 3 - Samples and Notes of Various Slideshow Options Available
Sample 4 - Samples (without notes) of Various Slideshow Options Available
Sample 5 - Sample of Basic Image Slideshow showing no additional notes etc.
Sample 6 - YouTube "Swatch" Example. (click on a video title/thumbnail to swap the embedded video that's shown)

Technical/Developer Information:
The text shown at the bottom of each slideshow is optional; if you want you can have bubble-help when you mouse-over the image but not show any text under the image.

The bubble-help text (alt tag), the url that each image links to, and the source to use for the images are all maintained in the dedicated slideshow admin screen.

There are various slideshow types available, and each slideshow also has configurable options (set on the admin screen) such as the transition type (eg fade, blinds, curtain, scroll left/right/up/down etc), the speed of the transition (ie how long it takes to turn from one image into another), and the transition interval (ie how long between each image transition). So you can easily change your slideshows to use different images, links, or transition-types/options and immediately see how it looks without having to alter any html/files.

You can also deactivate individual slides (or an entire slideshow), for example if you want to keep Christmas slides in the data but just keep them inactive for the moment while you use Easter slides.

It also allows you to have context-sensitive slideshows (eg at the top of a category page).

It also allows you to have YouTube slideshows and/or swatches, and for the YouTube slides/swatches/lists, you don't need to create thumbnails as they're automatically derived from youtube itself by the ID that you enter for the videos in the admin screen.

Terms and Conditions:
For terms, conditions, and licensing information for all BigYellowZone products/services, please click here.
Please do not purchase any BigYellowZone products/services or request technical support until you have read and agree with the terms and conditions.

Full Version History:
VerNo Version Date Release Notes
01 17-JUL-2012 Initial version - Big Yellow Zone SlideShows For VPASP
02 16-OCT-2013 Added an extra config option to allow you to switch between using $ or jQuery for the jQuery function calls that the slideshows make as this option will depend on what kind of other jQuery files you have installed on the site.
Moved the styles to a separate css file so that it can be cached and not just outputted as embedded styles.
Fixed a problem where some browsers (eg Chrome) were not rendering the slideshow images correctly (the slideshow was partially displaying on-top of other elements within the page), this was due to no explicit width/height being set on the slideshows or images which was causing rendering issues in some browsers.
Added extra fields to the admin screen for each slideshow so that you can specify explicit widths/heights for display (these columns already existed in the slideshow table on BYZ179 V01 but just werent being used at the time, so to upgrade to V02 you dont need to add any extra columns to your tables).
Added extra arguments/logic in the slideshow displays on the customer-side to use the width/height values when theyre not blank in the slideshow data.
Added extra values to the slideshow demo data installation process to set the widths/heights of the demo slideshows.
Added extra steps to the usage notes to help explain how to fix javascript errors and display problems related to the slideshow.
Adjusted the installation notes so that the css and javascript includes are done in slightly difference places within the header.
Added version checks to the documentation files.
Upgraded BYZ038 (from V18 to V27).
Upgraded BYZ036 (from V13 to V16).
Upgraded BYZ033 (from V16 to V18).
Upgraded BYZ025 (from V07 to V08).
Upgraded BYZ162 (from V08 to V09).
(for full list of effected files, see the version history document that comes with the new zip).
03 12-NOV-2013 Substantial changes made to the admin slideshows screen to make it easier to maintain/view your slideshow data and prepare your slideshow files etc.
Added image-upload facility to the slideshow admin screen.
Added thumbnails for the source URL on the Slides summary block in the admin screen so that you can see the images for each slide in an easier way, and it also shows a warning message when the file does not exist on the server.
Also changed the Source URL on the slides summary block to display the physical width and height of the images.
Also changed the Link to URL on the slides summary block to be linked to the corresponding URL.
Also made the YouTube ID on the slides summary block to be linked to the corresponding YouTube page and to show corresponding YouTube thumbnail.
Also changed the Heading Link URL to be linked to the corresponding URL on the main slideshows block.
The new thumbnail view/link in the admin screen uses a dummy id to force the browser to pickup the latest version of the image file, so youll always be seeing the latest version on the admin screen rather than an older cached version.
Added new config options for the new thumbnail/source-url options.
Split the css for the admin screen out into a separate file.
Files effected:
README*.htm (changed files)

vpaspv4.5to5.5/byz$179_version.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to5.5/byz_sld_$config.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to5.5/byz_sld_admin.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to5.5/byz_sld_admin_001.css (new file)
vpaspv4.5to5.5/byz_sld_admin_fun_inc.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to5.5/byz_sld_admin_inc_fun_help.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to5.5/byz_sld_vars_inc.asp (changed file)

vpaspv6.0to6.5/byz$179_version.asp (changed file)
vpaspv6.0to6.5/byz_sld_$config.asp (changed file)
vpaspv6.0to6.5/byz_sld_admin.asp (changed file)
vpaspv6.0to6.5/byz_sld_admin_001.css (new file)
vpaspv6.0to6.5/byz_sld_admin_fun_inc.asp (changed file)
vpaspv6.0to6.5/byz_sld_admin_inc_fun_help.asp (changed file)
vpaspv6.0to6.5/byz_sld_vars_inc.asp (changed file)

vpaspv7andabove/byz$179_version.asp (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/byz_sld_$config.asp (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/byz_sld_vars_inc.asp (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/admin/byz_sld_admin.asp (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/admin/byz_sld_admin_001.css (new file)
vpaspv7andabove/admin/byz_sld_admin_fun_inc.asp (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/admin/byz_sld_admin_inc_fun_help.asp (changed file)
04 20-DEC-2014 Added new icon on admin screen so that you can copy a slideshow and all its underlying slides to a new slideshow.
Corrected the file-existence check in the admin screen for the images.
Added extra check to trap for errors when unable to find the width/height of image files (eg when IIS permissions are incorrect, the image file is corrupted, or ASPJpeg is not installed).
Changed the slideshow headings on the customer-side to use h2 instead of h1 tags.
Changed to use more BYZ038 functions where appropriate.
Upgraded BYZ038 (from V27 to V30).
Upgraded BYZ036 (from V16 to V17).
Upgraded BYZ033 (from V18 to V19).
Files effected:
README*.htm (changed files)

vpaspv4.5to5.5/byz$179_version.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to5.5/byz_sld_admin.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to5.5/byz_sld_admin_fun_inc.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to5.5/byz_sld_fun_inc.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to5.5/byz_sld_fun_inc_slideshowtype_fullimageslideshowtype1.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to5.5/byz_sld_fun_inc_slideshowtype_imageslideshow.asp (changed file)
vpaspv4.5to5.5/byz_sld_fun_inc_slideshowtype_imageslideshowwithtext.asp (changed file)

vpaspv6.0to6.5/byz$179_version.asp (changed file)
vpaspv6.0to6.5/byz_sld_admin.asp (changed file)
vpaspv6.0to6.5/byz_sld_admin_fun_inc.asp (changed file)
vpaspv6.0to6.5/byz_sld_fun_inc.asp (changed file)
vpaspv6.0to6.5/byz_sld_fun_inc_slideshowtype_fullimageslideshowtype1.asp (changed file)
vpaspv6.0to6.5/byz_sld_fun_inc_slideshowtype_imageslideshow.asp (changed file)
vpaspv6.0to6.5/byz_sld_fun_inc_slideshowtype_imageslideshowwithtext.asp (changed file)

vpaspv7andabove/byz$179_version.asp (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/byz_sld_fun_inc.asp (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/byz_sld_fun_inc_slideshowtype_fullimageslideshowtype1.asp (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/byz_sld_fun_inc_slideshowtype_imageslideshow.asp (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/byz_sld_fun_inc_slideshowtype_imageslideshowwithtext.asp (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/admin/byz_sld_admin.asp (changed file)
vpaspv7andabove/admin/byz_sld_admin_fun_inc.asp (changed file)