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Keep-Alive Sessions for ASP - BYZ177

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Avoid dropped-carts, abandoned sessions, customer side or admin side timeouts when users are idle on their browser - use this module so that your visitors and/or admin users do not lose their session. Fantastically easy to install, but a real life-saver for customers and admin users.

Keep-Alive Sessions for ASP - BYZ177
Latest version:02/01-APR-2015
From vendor:Big Yellow Zone
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Compatibility, Bundling, and Status Notes:
Compatible with any classic asp system (including the VPCart shopping cart; any version).
No licensing submodule is included within this software as this software by its nature needs to be kept as simple as possible.

Are you fed-up with your customers phoning/emailing you telling you that they've just spent half an hour putting items in the cart, then spent 20 minutes on the phone and came back to find that their cart's disappeared?
Remember, that for every customer who phones/emails you about their dropped-cart, there will be 100 other potential customers who just left your site without contacting you when the same thing happened to them.

Or, are you fed-up as an admin user having to login again and losing context whenever you've spent 10 minutes "idle" on your admin pages?

Well, whether it's the customer side, and/or the admin side, then this module is definitely one you'll want to use.

You don't have to rewrite your system to use cookies for all your session values, or to use the database, instead just keep people's sessions active by them invisibly "pinging" a small/simple file on the server every minute or so.

Technical/Developer Information:
Overview - How It Works:
For all the asp screens that people browse on your site where the page has the "BYZ_KPA_SHOW_KEEP_ALIVE" vbscript call in it (eg in the trailer file), a javascript timer is automatically created (defaulting to 300 seconds), and every time that timer gets down to zero it will ping a simple/small file on the server-side (invisibly to the user/visitor) in the background, thereby refreshing the user's session timeout status on the server.
Once the ping has happened, the javascript timer will then reset to 300 seconds again, and so on.
So the user/visitor doesn't see anything happening/changing on the page but their session is kept permanently active until/unless they close their browser window/tab (or until you restart IIS on the server etc).
The "ping" interval of 300 seconds is configurable, and you can switch the ping facility on/off on the customer and/or admin side by just changing a value in the config file.

If you can ftp files to/from your site, and you can use notepad, then we guarantee that you'll be able to install this addon yourself without any help needed from a developer.
The file/code structure has been setup in such a way that you can plug it into your entire asp-based site by simply doing this:
a) upload the files.
b) add an include line to a library file or 2 (ie your "core" asp include).
c) add a call to it from your trailer file(s).
The readme notes that come with it explain the installation process in more detail and give you step-by-step instructions telling you exactly what you need to put where.
It'll usually take somewhere between 2 and 5 minutes all-in to install.

There are no conflicts with any of your existing site files/pages as the variables/functions/files all have non-conflicting names.
You don't need any additional software or file includes (eg you don't need to have jquery etc).
It'll work with any classic-asp system.
If you're a VPCart shopping cart user, then the version of VPCart that you use is irrelevant; the readme notes explain how to install it on VPCart for all VPCart versions, and it'll work on any version of VPCart.
Basically, no matter what your site is/does, as long as you're using classic asp then this module will work with no problems straight out of the box.

Memory Use:
The file that gets "pinged" is a very small/simple one, with no includes in it, so the pinged file doesn't use up any additional memory on the server, all it does is keep the user's session active (it's not sessions that take up most of the memory on sites, it's mostly database cursors/connections/queries and vbscript arrays that use up memory, and this module doesn't use a database connection at all and has just a handful of normal non-array variables), so, memory-wise, it's not anywhere near as resource-intensive as the user navigating to a different page every minute.
And, if you don't believe us, then just switch it off via the config options and see if that makes much difference to your server's memory; chances are you won't notice any change to the memory at all.

We've run the code through an html-validator, and it came back with no errors/warnings, and the javascript console also doesn't show any warnings/errors, so if you've spent ages trying to get your pages to pass html-validation then you have no worries with this addon as it'll work as-is and your html/js will continue to validate successfully.

What it does NOT do:
If the user closes their browser tab/window then the keep-alive logic won't continue to work for them, ie it only works when their browser tab/window has one of your pages open. The user doesn't have to be looking at your page, they can be viewing a different site on a different tab, or even minimising the whole browser; as long as the browser itself is open on the pc and your page is in one of the browser's tabs then the keep-alive logic will be working.
But closing the browser completely, or having your pc going into hibernation mode, is not normally the cause of dropped carts, instead the cause is that the customer has simply popped off for 20 minutes to try and find their card or they got diverted and started to browse a different site on another browser tab or they paused to talk to their spouse/friend about what they're thinking of buying etc, and it's that kind of "dropped" session/cart that this module will deal with (as well as being able to keep your admin tab open all day without having to worry about being logged out or losing the context of where you were).

Terms and Conditions:
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Please do not purchase any BigYellowZone products/services or request technical support until you have read and agree with the terms and conditions.

Full Version History:
VerNo Version Date Release Notes
01 11-JUN-2012 Initial version - Big Yellow Zone Keep-Alive Sessions for ASP
02 01-APR-2015 Enhanced/changed to cater for VPCart V8.
Changed instances of VP-ASP/VPASP to VPCart as VPASP has now been rebranded/renamed.
Effected Files:
README* (changed files)
byz$177_version.asp (changed file)