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Brand/Manufacturer Mismatches Tool for VPASP - BYZ189

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Validate your product brands against your brand categories. If you hold your brands/manufacturers in your products records and also in your categories, then this tool will cross-validate the two aspects and show you any mis-matches.

Brand/Manufacturer Mismatches Tool for VPASP - BYZ189
Latest version:01/05-MAR-2015
From vendor:Big Yellow Zone
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Compatibility, Bundling, and Status Notes:
Compatible with VPASP V4.5 to V7.
Before installing, you must have installed:

This product includes:

Lots of vpasp sites hold their brand/manufacturer data in 2 separate places, such as the products.mfg column and ALSO on the categories that the products are stamped with.

This is usually done to either speed-up the queries/site, or because the usage of the 2 aspects on the site is subtly different and needs to be stored twice for the different usages.

For example, products.mfg might be used for product brand filters, whereas the brand categories might be used in a category/tree menu.

This tool will cross-validate those 2 aspects for you, and it will show you the details of any mis-matches.

It will show you a simple, easy-to-read list so that you can quickly read through to see if they're genuine data problems/errors or if the mis-matches are valid given the usages of the respective brand sources.

The column that is used for brands/manufacturers in the report is configurable (eg if you use pother1 instead of mfg, then you just change the config file to set the option to pother1).

The way that your site identifies a brand/manufacturer category is also configurable. For example, you might set it to use all categories that have a highercategory of 2 or 3, or maybe a specific list of categoryids. You can set the "where" clause that it uses as part of the configuration.

The example image of this module on this page is taken from our demo area, our demo area doesn't use brand "categories" (just products.mfg), but it gives you an idea of how the mis-matches get displayed. In that demo example, we set the configuration to think that the "Living" category's sub-categories were brands ("Seating" and "Cofee Tables" are the sub-categories under that category, which is why the sample sees those as brands).

You can cross-check other values too, not just brands!
Because you can configure the products column name, and the category where clause that identify "brands", that means that even if you don't use brands on your site you can still use this tool to cross-reference different types of "products versus prodcategories mismatches" (eg colors, material-types, sizes etc)

Technical/Developer Information:
Mis-Matches are not necessarily all "real" errors.
The usage of your category descriptions for brands, and the usage of your product column's brands values might be slightly different. So when a product's brand value is slightly different to the brand category description that the product is in, it may not necessarily be a problem for your site; it depends on how you use the data in your system.

This tool will report on all mis-matches, but it's up to you to decide whether or not the "errors" shown on the search-results are actually a problem for your site.

What gets reported
This tool will find all products which either have a non-null products brand value, OR which have a brand-category stamped onto the product.

i.e. if a brand is stamped onto a product, or if a category brand is applied to a product, then that brand will get processed and displayed on the search-results screen, and it will show you a unique list of those brands in brand order.

For each brand that gets processed/displayed, it finds all the products that either have that brand stamped onto its products column or which have that brand "category" stamped onto it.

For each product that has the brand on either-side (products or prodcategories), it checks that both sides match exactly the "brand" text that is being processed, and if there are any mis-matches for that product then it'll display all the brand-categories which the product is in, plus the products brand column value.

If a given product matches the brand being processed exactly, then it simply displays a success message and doesn't list any of the underlying products.

Terms and Conditions:
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Full Version History:
VerNo Version Date Release Notes
01 05-MAR-2015 Initial version - Big Yellow Zone Brand/Manufacturer Mismatches Tool for VPASP